Sire 479

Ideal 7451 & New Design 036




Ireland Angus, home of some outstanding Angus cattle that are raised in the harsh environment of the Badlands of Western South Dakota with very little hay or supplements.† The bulls are weaned in October, turned back on grass until December with no grain or supplements.† Since then, they were fed just enough concentrates to express their potential without being burned out.


Our focus is on producing grass-based, no-nonsense genetics, without a lot of high-priced supplements, to keep commercial ranches sustainable and profitable.


Our bulls may not be as heavy as some, but are backed by several generations of proven feed efficient bulls.  Our bulls are bred for high maternal and superior carcass traits where feed efficiency is not just a tool, but also a matter of survival.  These bulls are hand fed by Irelandís, walked through and checked nearly every day.  Bad dispositions are one of our main culling criteria for both our bulls and our cows. 

These bulls have the outstanding genetics of New Standard, Dr J Analyst, Morganís Direction, Mytty in Focus, Leadtime, New Design, Westwind Rito, and Objective.  All bulls weíve used will be trich tested.  DNA will be checked for genetic defects on all bulls with a bloodline that traces back to known carriers.† All bulls for sale will be fertility tested and guaranteed for the first breeding season.

We feed hardly any hay and no cake to our cows.  They maintain themselves on the grasses in the pastures they are in.



March 2010, Terry Ireland, Ireland Computer† and Research Services